The US Department of Defense is in constant demand for innovative technology to tackle the complexity of modern conflicts.

Vision: Successfully onboard next-generation technology offerings, from startups and academic institutions, for the US warfighter.
Purpose: Work directly with companies by providing clear and actionable guidance to win and execute US government contracts.


Provide bid and proposal capture support, advise, and framework for creating high-quality packages.

Zero to One

Provide guidance for rapid prototyping, R&D, and academic support for Phase 1 and 2 contract awards.

Current Projects

Provide mentorship, risk reviews, mechanism setup, and end-to-end deep dives to enable faster delivery.

Product Strategy

Provide insights for developing new product strategies based on aggregated customer requirements.


Directly advised or led efforts with multiple organizations


Opportunities for Startups

PROBLEM: The DoD is in constant need of new technologies, products, and services to maintain military superiority; however, innovation gaps manifest due to organizational size, acquisition complexity, and regulations required by government organizations. As a result, internal government “zero to one” development of new capabilities can only move at a methodical and linear pace.

SOLUTION: Startups and academic institutions deliver the rapid cutting-edge development the DoD needs without bringing significant overhead and development costs.

Customer Journey

Below is an example interaction utilizing Derek Hoyt’s services
  1. Host 30 minute consultation
  2. Review company’s product strategy and offering
  3. Nest product’s strengths with current DoD requirements
  4. Establish & review capture strategy with company
  5. Setup bid and proposal (B&P) pipeline
  6. Execute strategy and grow the B&P pipeline
  7. Obtain quick contract wins to develop past performance
  8. Tailor proposals and identify strategic partnerships
  9. Win contracts either as Prime or Sub
  10. Transition awarded contracts to company delivery teams


Ethan Aldrich

UNIT Innovations

Derek Hoyt’s input was instrumental in shaping the direction of our product strategy. His understanding of government requirements provided us with valuable insights that we took into consideration during the product development phase. In addition, Derek’s assistance in contract proposal writing was appreciated, providing a clearer structure and content to our proposals. His professional approach and nuanced understanding of our business made our collaboration not only beneficial but also enjoyable.


DoD Contracting Company

I appreciate the work that Derek Hoyt has done for our team, particularly his effective project management skills that facilitated better coordination among multiple subcontractors. His ability to devise a practical delivery schedule was beneficial in helping us meet government requirements in a timely manner. Derek’s leadership contributed to a positive environment, inspiring confidence among government evaluators. I look forward to working with Derek on future projects as we continue to expand.


Co-Founder | GovSignals

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